Frequently asked questions​​

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    What to expect before I can be provided with Adaptive Broadband internet service?
    Some customers like to be prepared before we come out for our initial visit; the Site Survey. At Adaptive Broadband, we always try to set up a Site Survey before scheduling any kind of install.
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    My internet isn't working, is there something I can do before calling Adaptive Broadband?
    Internet issues? Here's a few simple things to try doing before calling Adaptive Broadband.
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    What should my first bill look like?
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    Will kind of radio will be on my home?
    Adaptive Broadband uses several different radios on the customers’ homes. Which radio we choose to use is dependent on the circumstances of your connection and what
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    I want a wireless signal for my new internet connection, are your routers better than the Century Link routers?
    Adaptive Broadband has stopped using a standard router for new installations in favor of the Unifi AP. This is for a few different reasons.
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