Network Solutions

Why Us?

We Can Assist You In:

  • Expanding a home network to cover wifi dead spots.
  • Expanding a home network to include a home office or new home addition.
  • Installing a Home Security system.
  • Upgrading your home’s wiring to include CAT5 and CAT6 outlets in each room.
  • Providing Property-wide wireless connections for customers with large coverage areas such as farms, vineyards, and construction sites.
  • Custom Tower Installations to provide internet to your remote location.

Business Network Services:

  • Networking of computers to provide for company wide information sharing.
  • Remote Access of Company Network.
  • New business network planning, and custom wiring solutions.
  • Custom Audio/Multi-Media Racks for Conference Centers or Auditoriums.
  • Custom Tower installations to provide wireless signal between buildings, jobsites, or to remote locations.
  • Private Data Security
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